Friday, July 13, 2012


On my way to work I was browsing through the youtube and came across some beautiful Punjabi folk songs. Suddenly it brought back all those precious memories of my childhood and a sense of nostalgia surrounded me.
Listening to some old Indian folk songs on a foreign land brings in me a feeling of glory, patriotism and sense of belongingness to my motherland. I consider myself blessed to be born in the 80s, raised in the 90s on the Indian soil and still surviving in the 21st century to be a part of the globalization and advancement. My generation witnessed the best of both the worlds.
We had the bliss of playing hide and seek on the streets, dancing in the rain, watching he-man and Spiderman on television, sitting in an ambassador, eating orange bar and chocobar, listening to the good old tape recorder and talking on the telephones (landlines). We were probably the last generation to watch Ramayana, Mahabharata and Chitrahaar on television, to see Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi on news channels, survive even without the internet and mobile phones (which is next to impossible in today’s world), make our project work without the help of computers, using encyclopedia.
Our generation entered the enigmatic 21st century with a bang, which brought with itself, the rise of the modern era, the merging of east with the west. We are the first generation to use the cable and the internet, yahoo chat rooms, networking sites, mobile phones, laptops and flat screen televisions. The society might refer us as the ‘confused or the mixed generation’ but I believe that we are the ‘bridging generation’ who understands the significance and charm of both the worlds and bridges the gap between them, which I feel is a huge liability in itself.
While the turn of the century has made our lives easier and convenient, it has buried the fragrance and essence of the old world deep down somewhere. Though we could feel the emanations sometime but sadly, are starting to forget our roots and heritage. People (Americans as well as Indians), ask me why do I celebrate the Indian festivals like Diwali and karvachauth even while staying in the United states and I always tell them that these small but important rituals like performing the Lakshmi pooja and decorating my house on Diwali, and keeping a fast on karvachauth for my husband, insinuate my purpose of being, shape my identity and bind me to my roots. Though I could not celebrate these festivals with the same extravagance like my grandmother used to do but the zeal and the spirit is matching. Whatever something I could do on these occasions, brings in me an anonymous sense of gratification and joy. Some might refer them as superstitions but I feel sometimes these harmless superstitions play a vital role in keeping our good old traditions alive.
While my heart fills with pride thinking about our magnificent and mesmerizing motherland, I cant help but ponder that will our next generation be a part of these traditions and customs? Will they ever come to know about the significance and depth of our rich and diverse culture? I am not talking about the theoretical aspect, which they might find out through the internet if ever they are interested. I am talking about the practical or emotional aspect, the pride of belonging to our motherland. I believe it’s our duty to pass on this legacy to our next generation and work in a tandem manner with them so that they don’t shy away from these values and carry them forward to their next generation with pride and respect, as I earlier mentioned that we are the ‘bridging generation’. We have a delicate responsibility to foster our rich heritage, preserve it and gift it to our next generation. Sadly the possibilities look meager as we ourselves are forgetting them and nullifying their importance. It is said that a person reaps what he sows and this applies to all of us. Now we are the ones who have to decide what we will sow in order the get the best harvest. Isn’t it something to ruminate over?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Zindgi hai kuch bolti,
Gehre se kuch raaz hai kholti,
dil mein dafn kar diya tha jinhe,
unhe har saans mein hai tatolti...
gungunati hai chand pyar ke nagme,
gaati hai kuch madhoshi ki gazlen,
rumaani se andaz mein apne,
waqt ki har taal pe jhoomti,
dhadkan ke har taar ko hai chedti...
kya kya rang dikhlaaye hai isne,
kala bhi aur safed bhi,
ab kuch naya sa rang dikhta hai,
sama bhi kuch taza taza sa lagta hai...
mann kehta hai bus thirakte jaayen,
hur armaan ko motiyon se sajaayen,
aur phir jazbaaton ke samandar mein beh jaayen...
aankhon mein ik chamak si hai,
kaano mein ik thirak si hai,
har khwaahish kuch poori si lagti hai..
agar yahi hain zindgi ke rang ,
to in rango mein humen rangne do,
iska har panna rangeen sa karne do,
pyar ke kalam se tasveer bharne do,
humen zindgi se do baatein karne do....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


dil ki chand dhadkane chupke se kuch gunguna ke chal di,
ik halki si muskaan saja ke chal di...
humne bade naazon se panaah diya inhe,
dil ke kaarvan mein shaamil kiya inhe,
phir bhi zaalim daga deke chal di!!

socha tha humara paigaam leke jaayengi,
haale-dil dilnashi ko sunake jaayengi,
pur ye to khaamoshi ke dhaage se apne hothon ko sil ke chal di,
humpe bewafai ka ilzaam lagake chal di...
zindgi ko apna mohtaaj banaya,
lamhon ko apni muthi mein dabaya,
aur humen apna gulaam banake chal di...

kabhi apni si lagne waali,
aaj ajnabi si kyun hain??
kabhi doston si lagnne waali,
aaj kaafir si kyun hain??
dil ki galiyon mein aaj itna soonapan kyun hai??
har sawal itna aaj laajawab kyun hai??

ye gar tham jaayen,
to kuch der ko to karar aa jaaye,
thaki thaki si zindgi ko aaram aa jaaye,
use ek naya sa naam mil jaaye....
pur zindgi hai ki kambakht inhe chhodti hi nahi!!
har zulm sehti hai pur inse muh modti hi nahi!!

kehti hai, "inke dagabaaz hone ka koi shikwa to nahi,
pur inke bina mera wajood bhi nahi....
ik tarfa aashnaayi hai ye,
kabhi na khatm hone waali dilrubaayi hai ye,
inke dhadkne se to main zinda hoon,
varna maut ka kohra mujhse juda nahi....".

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


ruke ruke se kadam phir se chalne lage,
thami thami si zindgi phir se behne lagi,
dil mein jawan haunsle phir se muskurane lage,
aur ummidon ki gazal gaane lage...
hum to andheron mein kho rahe they,
aur khud ki hasti dubo rahe they magar,
is dil ki biyabaan galiyon mein roshni phir se chaane lagi,
aur manzilen phir se saaf nazar aane lagi....
ab to ummid ke is baag mein,
wardah khil rahe hain,
aur apni khushboo bhi fizaon mein bikher rahe hain...
hum waqt ko hatheli pe liye chal rahe hain,
gir gir ke phir sambhal rahe hain,
magar phir bhi chal rahe hain!!!
na mushkilon se haare, na zindgi se,
seene mein sholey dabaye hounslon ke,
aaftab ko paane nikal pade hain,
haan, hum khud ka ek mukaam banane nikal pade hain...

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Since childhood I was fascinated by sea, searching its boundries while sitting on the shore but never able to make out!! It has always appeared like a magnanimous blanket to me, hiding all the secrets of this earth within, like a faithful soldier committed to safeguard enormous wealth of this planet till his last breath…But alas!! It is still captured within the cage of this earth, yearning to fly, yearning to be free, hiding the aches inside its depth sometimes quietly, sometimes bursting in a storm of emotions expressing its helplessness… People come, they admire its charisma, its outer beauty but what about its inner misery?? The sun rises, it sets, then again rises, but still there is darkness, still there is eeriness, still there is mystery… Those waves full of dreams & ambitions, emerge with full hope & confidence, with a desire to touch the sky, with a desire of capturing few of those wandering clouds somewhere deep within but extinguish with those unfulfilled wishes & submerge in that dark well of ocean…But are they dead?? Or preparing to remerge again, for a battle against the failures, against the destiny, with the weapons of courage & patience…
As we are a free nation, a question which I want to put in front of all of you is, what does ‘freedom’ mean to you?? This word has different meanings for everybody…To me it is that pleasure which one gets from petty things (no great happening required at all!!!) That feeling to be on our own, to explore those things about which nobody has thought of, to dance on your favorite music, to roam around the city alone in a bus or maybe metro, to buy your favorite dress with whatever expenses you have, to eat whatever you feel like in your favorite restaurant, to express your thoughts & to be happy in whatever state you are…
If freedom is such a ‘small’ word, then why one feels caged, helpless & surrendered?? Why one succumbs to the chains of this cruel world?? Why one feels breathless in the strands of this earth & searches for his own sky?? These are few questions which come to my mind repeatedly…
That’s why I have tried to depict that helplessness in my poem Samander…. It’s the story of a girl who feels caged on this earth like the ocean, very helpless, but jealous of that magnanimous blue sky which looks like a playground to her, huge yet so confined, still yet so moving, mysterious yet so attractive, quite yet so tempting…she has everything but still empty handed, still yearning for more, still searching for destiny , her purpose of being… as if everything stolen by that mysterious sky, to which she is attracted, coz it has everything which she doesn’t or at least it seems to be that way!! she is alive but still trying to climb the staircase of life… she has lots of desires, lots of submerged wishes, dreams, ambitions but very vague, like a jigsaw puzzle which she is still trying to sort out… Her life is a never ending epic of failures, each chapter taught her to rise, to shine & to make her own destiny…
And so I dedicate my poem Samander to that small girl in me who yearns to break the strands of rules & fly with all her wings spread in the blue sky….


samander ki jaise chadar si bichi ho is zameen pe
hazaron raaz chipaaye apni gehraayi mein,
maano keh raha ho kuch aasman se,
ki ey neele aasman, mujhe bhi apni tarah khuda ka aashiyaan bana,
dil jalta hai us abr ko dekhkar,
jisse tera taumr ka dostana hai!

Main bhi un befikr parindo ki tarah tujhme udna chahta hoon,
Is zameen ke pinjre ko todna chahta hoon…
apne andar ke toofano se joojhte joojhte thak gaya hoon main,
ab zara se sukoon se to mulaqat kara!

logon ko meri khaamoshi dekhkar kayi gumaan hote hain,
pur kaise sunaoon main unhe apni aahon ki goonj!!
kaise dikhaaoon unhe apni bekasi ka aalam!!
ik nanhi kashti ka sahara to main hoon,
pur mera sahara kaun hai?
mujhe bhi to saahil ka deedar kara...

khuda ne aaftab ke noor se nawaza hai tujhe,
do boond roshni ki mujhme bhi to chalka!
Log kehte hain ki kisi chor pe tu mujhme samamta hai,
Aur tera aks mujhpe ubhar aata hai,
Pur ye to ik haseen dhoka hai,
Jo hakikat se maat kha jata hai…

Humari aashnaayi ki gazal to ye lehren bhi gungunati hain,
Apne armaano ke suron ko sajaaye,
Khaufnaak chttano se bekhabar,
Tere deedar ke liye machal jaati hain…
ab kaun samjhaaye inhe,
Ki inke armaano ka anjaam to sirf toot kar bikhar jana hai…
Magar ye phir se honslon ki muskaan apne hothon pe sajaaye,
Khwaabon ke tukde batorne uthti hain,phir girti hain , phir uthti hain…
Bus thora sa aasman apne daman mein chupane…